Recycle every single fibre

Our goal is to recycle all paper packaging in Sweden. Again, and again.

Recycle every single fibre

Our goal is to recycle all paper packaging in Sweden. Again, and again.

Circular material flows for a sustainable future

Did you know that paper fibre can be recycled at least seven times? And that as much as 40% less energy is needed to manufacture packaging from recycled fibre than virgin fibre? With circular material flows, we can reduce climate impact and contribute to sustainable societies. This is what drives us.

Producer responsibility is our responsibility

The purpose of producer responsibility is to reduce waste and ensure that packaging is recycled and used for new products as much as possible. Together with Sweden’s national recycling organisation, (FTI), we help producers fulfil their responsibilities. FTI is responsible for the collection of packaging, while at Returkartong, we ensure that collected materials are recycled. We currently have agreements with 9,000 producers who fulfil their producer responsibility through us.


Optimise the use of resources

Responsible resource use is a must for companies and individuals today. Our mission is to help producers take responsibility and meet consumers’ expectations of used paper packaging being recycled and turned into new raw materials. We do this with:

Smart design

The proportion of packaging that can be recycled is determined in its design phase. The right choice of materials and design simplifies recycling and ensures that a larger proportion of material can be reused. So, together with FTI, we advise producers how to design their packaging.

New methods

Packaging made from single materials is more readily recyclable, but packaging made from mixed materials is still needed. This complicates recycling, but technology is evolving rapidly. Returkartong is at the forefront of the development of new recycling methods that will enable all kinds of paper packaging to be recycled.

Full responsibility

We ensure that all collected materials are transported sustainably to paper mills for recycling. At paper mills, all packaging is recycled as much as possible. Remaining materials are used environmentally and cost-effectively. We have full traceability of all materials throughout the recycling chain.

Owners: from paper mills to producers

Returkartong is owned by 15 companies and organisations that represent the entire packaging value chain – from paper mills that manufacture cardboard to producers who fill packaging with goods.

Co-owner of the Packaging and Newspaper Collection

Returkartong is one of four co-owners of Sweden’s national recycling organisation, (FTI), which operates the nationwide collection system with approximately 5,000 recycling centres and collection from approximately two million households. FTI is responsible for the collection of packaging; we then take the material for recycling.

Download more information

Packaging design manual

Packaging design manual
In this manual, we set out what you need to think about to ensure packaging can be recycled as easily as possible. (In Swedish).

FTI’s annual and sustainability report

In FTI’s annual and sustainability report, you can read more about our work to create circular material flows. (In Swedish).


Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more about our business or have questions about recycling.

Ingrid Näsström

+46 70 371 20 26 

Birgitta Alm

Materials Specialist
+46 70 277 27 40

Catharina Andersson

Logistics Manager
+46 72 249 83 22 


If you have questions about the sorting and collection of materials, visit You can also contact FTI at:
+46 (0) 8 566 144 00

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